John Crow’s Devil

This whole passage basically talks about how the pastor is a crazy drunk trying to fix hisself. When the pastor says “Then lock the door. Please. Lock the door”(59). The pastor is trying to help himself from hurting others and is trying to help himself from hurting others and is trying to sober up. This is understandable because when you are not sober you can make very poor decisions and the priest realizes he’s not in a good state of mind. The pastor constantly said things like “rats, rats, rats, rats-“(59) and so on. It shows that the pastor is repeatedly getting drunk and is headed downwards. The pastor wanted to be locked in the room because he thought maybe something weird or bad would happen. Which it does get weird when it said “She straddled him and he unzipped his pants”.(60) The pastor probably had a feeling something like this would happen so he wanted to be isolated. This part of the book reveals that John Crow’s Devil is a very strange and odd book.

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