Assassination Vacation

This book talks about the reasons of notorious and famous people. Why presidents got murdered. And crazy stories and facts of what happened in the murders. Vowell also mentions modern day examples to the murders and situations that happen in the book. Every once in a while she will try to add some humor in it.

Why does Vowell seem to be more interested in Garfield’s death than Lincoln’s? Garfield’s chapter is quite different from Lincoln’s chapter. It seems as if she was a bigger fan of Garfield’s murder than Lincoln’s. Vowell shows interest in Garfield’s death with “Garfield’s death is more interesting than the story of his life”(125) and doesn’t really say anything showing interest in Lincoln’s death like that. Vowell also mentions more facts about Garfield. It mentions what he served as, his family, and that’s about it. But when But when it came to his death Vowell seemed to be very excited to talk about it especially when she says “But back to his death” (125) right after mentioning some personal details about Garfield. When Sarah Vowell talked about Lincoln and the situation at the beginning of the chapter she did not seem very interested. It just seemed like a more heavier rant.

At the beginning of the first chapter Vowell didn’t seem to be as excited to talk about the death of Lincoln. It personally seemed more bland and boring. It seemed like she was just stating facts and not too much about her opinion. Rather in Garfield’s chapter she seemed to have more of an opinion based approach. I think maybe the affect of this is that maybe Sarah Vowell personally disliked Lincoln more than Garfield since she seems just to rant forever about Lincoln.

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My notes taken on the Assassination Vacation Book.

Assassination Vacation By: Sarah Vowell.


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