There are a lot of things that go terribly wrong when it comes to the marriage of Othello and Desdemona. The root to the problem would have to be Iago because he plans to destroy the happiness of Othello. I believe that this is the most viable in the story. I’m actually not sure about the exact reason why Iago wants to harm Othello but I think it could possibly be jealousy and Iago does say “O, you are well turned now, but I will set down the pegs that make this music, As honest as I am”. I think this means he wants to stop all the happiness that is coming towards Othello’s life. Iago is searching for revenge because Othello didn’t want him to be his Lieutenant. Iago says “knocking out his brains”(209). This shows his displeasure and Iago shows his mental thoughts on what he wants accomplished. Iago stabbing Roderigo (229) just shows the true rage of his self. It shows that his anger is built up in him and it’s eating at him. In the book it shows the fall of a very powerful man, a murder of an innocent and kind woman and the unreasonable amount of hate that a villain had, and the love tensions between people. This whole story is based off of a horrible feeling, and that is jealousy. Iago distorted Orthello’s thinking causing him ti kill the woman he loved.


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“Othello: Folger Shakespeare Library” by William Shakespeare


My class notes on the Othello book

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